Leopoldo Infante & Wine& Thecity

Leopoldo’s history is rooted in the ancient tradition of tarallari, when the streets of Naples used to invite to taste the hot bagels “nzogna and pepper” (lard and pepper). Since the company was founded, Leopoldo Infante, has been transformed, from the “wheelbarrow” which  carried the tasty product, and transformed to a  brand that became synonymous with goodness and quality excellence, of varied handmade products, from cakes to the classic rustic Neapolitan specialties.

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The company, is today one of the most prestigious brands in the Neapolitan food, thanks to the contribution di Leopoldo and Nunzia.  With their ideas, it continued to combine tradition and innovation in its production. Their latest store has been opened  in Spaccanapoli in Via Benedetto Croce, within the historic center of Naples.

At Wine & Thecity, it opened the season with music that has not only welcomed different people for the event but also  many tourists who were walking alongside.

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